I am named Shaggy and I arrived at Sophie’s Dog Adoption last year, very shaggy looking and already 8 years old.

My story is a very common one, I’m a high maintenance dog and my family finally decided “We have no time for him”.

My first family had always done the grooming themselves, which led to many skin problems when I arrived, as well as bad fungus on my feet. But after a good shave, treatments and good care, it all went away.

I was adopted by a senior lady last year, but she decided to move to Thailand and thought I may not be able to make such a long trip. So here I am now at 9, again looking for a home. I don’t require a lot of attention, I have no anxiety problems but will need professional grooming at least twice a year. I’m not at all barky, I get along well with other dogs, no problems with cats and no aggression whatsoever.

Unfortunately I am no spring chicken, and I do have an enlarged heart, which in the last year has caused me to cough somewhat more and more. So I am what one would now consider a “special needs” dog, I have lost most of my hearing, and my eyesight is not all that great. Because of my age and mellow attitude, I would definitely see myself in a quiet and mellow home, and obviously someone who could care for my medical needs financially. I may not be in the best of shapes, but I am still full of life and pep, and if I find someone to love me for the rest of my life, I will give it back a thousand times!

Please give me the chance to get out of foster and into my own, wonderful and final home.


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  1. I have been fostering Shaggy since early May 2012. I have to say that he is an absolutely wonderful dog. Since losing weight he very rarely coughs anymore. We have a 65lb Olde English Bulldogge and a 5 yr old daughter…he is amazing with both of them. He has also been around cats with zero issues. He can be left loose in the house without problems too! He loves and needs to be close to his pack so he will follow you throughout the house unless he is sound asleep in his bed.

  2. Hi Natalie! I saw Shaggy on Petfinder, and wrote an email to the address listed, but I thought I’d post here, too. We live in Montreal and have a retired racing greyhound who would love a little (literally!) brother or sister, and Shaggy sounds like a great match! How can we get in touch?

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