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I have a new name, Nusumareta and I’m looking for a new home. I’m probably around six years old and it’s obvious I spent my life tied outside.

I’m a big boy, low energy but I’m hoping to get strength and be able to live an active life. So far I’ve shown that I’m good with other dogs and a big teddy bear. I’m looking for the comfort of a home with a dog bed, dog toys and regular healthy meals.

Will you be the one to show me how wonderful life can be?


I am Doobie, and I am a 5 year old Husky who has quite the story to tell.  I was originally adopted as a young pup from the SPCA, and for the last 5 years went from home to home via the internet.  Here we are now, and after being “rescued” by a so-called rescue group as a purebred Siberian Husky, it turns out I am an SPCA dog, microchipped and never neutered.  I was once again going up on the net as my last home didn’t want me anymore, so Sophie’s Dog Adoption took me in and finally had me neutered to end this craziness.

I am very friendly with other dogs, lived with a cat at least for a while, as well as with a 2 year old child.  I am sweet and affectionate, good to stay alone during the day, not a barker and enjoy life.

I am hoping to finally find a stable home where I can live the rest of my life and be spoiled, loved and most of all, wanted.

If you think I’m the guy for you, put in a request!  I will love you forever.

Mr. Brown

Hello there. I’m one of the Huskies that were rescued a year ago from what can only be described as a hoarder. He had over 60 of us dogs all living outside tied to trees. Some of us are still waiting to be rescued from those people, and some of us were lucky and were rescued by groups who stepped forward to help us.

Several of us ended up with Sophie’s Dog Adoption and I am the last one still waiting for a home.  You see, I am the oldest of that bunch. I’ve been named Mr. Brown (because of my beautiful brown eyes), I am about 7 years old and had always lived my life outside, tied to a tree with a 6ft huge chain around my neck.

I have been in foster care now since August 8th, 2011 and I am really hoping to have a home by Christmas.  I have done so much progress, from knowing nothing but the life of a miserable dog, to having my own pillow to sleep on, sharing my home with other dogs, cats, birds.  I didn’t even know how to eat out of a bowl, had never been walked on a leash, had never given nor received kisses, but certainly been shoved around. Yet, I don’t have a mean bone in me and would do well with kids.  Not too young, as I am still very skittish and they could make me a little uncomfortable. I just want an easy, relaxed life full of love and fun times.

I learned to be house-trained really quickly as I’m very bright and eager to please.  Each foster home has been a new adjustment, but it has only helped me see new things and experience new lifestyles.  Now I really feel ready for that permanent, loving, forever home.  Please give me a chance, you will just adore me and have a totally different of Huskies (if you have a negative one). I am truly a charmer.


I am Bello!  The cutest little 8 week old pup you’ve ever seen, one blue eye, one brown eye.  I am a Rotweiller/Husky mix, and this is my story:  Someone irresponsible guy  had a female Husky (Mom), she met a Rotweiller (Dad) and got pregnant. 7 Puppies later and barely 6 weeks old, we ‘had to go’… So the guy’s friend took me, for his friend.  Now keep in mind this guy is young.  Doing a good thing, helping the other guy place the unplanned, unexpected puppies.

So he takes me to his friend, this friend keeps me 24 hours, and shows up on his doorstep the next day to say ‘I’m not cut out for a puppy – here, take him back’.  So now the second guy is stuck with me, can’t take me back to the first guy as we ‘had to go’ – I’m no longer his responsibility….

So the second guy pleads with his parents to keep me while I find a home, but this is Mom’s third time around, she knows you don’t just place a puppy like that, this is not the first time the son brings home a pup!

So after trying to see what the best thing for me would be, she somehow heard of Sophie’s Dog Adoption and decided this was my best option.  So I am now looking for that responsible, committed, loving family who will take me in and raise me well, give me everything I need to ensure my well-being and make me a part of their family for the next 10-15 years.

At this young age, there is not much to say other than I am very cute.  But cute isn’t all you need to see to ensure a happy lifetime for  us together.  I will be going through all the stages of puppyhood, and due to my breed mix, I can easily become a ‘bad’ dog if all you do is see how ‘cute’ I am.


Finally at the age of nine month I have also found a new home. I’m Oprah, I had arrived with my two sisters Christelle and Dawn back in the Spring, they had found homes almost immediately while spent my childhood in foster care.

My foster homes helped me become a well adjusted, well socialized, well behaved teenager and I hope to make my new Mom proud.

I hope to be there forever as it will be a great life.


I’ve been named Dilbert cause I’m a funny little guy. I’m about three months old, look like a little Husky mix and obviously quite neglected as I’m very skinny and bony. My ears will probably go up as one of them goes up and flips over which gives me that goofy look.

I’m looking for a foster home and eventually a permanent one. Obviously I’m a bouncy little puppy, friendly and seem pretty smart as I have not messed in my cage since I arrived yesterday.