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Charlie 7

My name is  Charlie and now that I am at Sophie’s Dog Adoption, I am known as Charlie 7. As you can see I have quite a popular name,  but obviously you can rename me with something more original. Us dogs, we learn so fast, you’ll be amazed.  In 2 days I’ll answer to a new name. I’m about 4 years old and love life. I hope to find a home where I will live way into my teens!

You see, I lived with a mom and dad, and 3 wonderful kids.  I also had a Pitbull sister and we all enjoyed life in a home with a yard, and just lots of love.  But mom got sick, very sick, and in the end mom and dad lost the house and dad and the kids had to move while mom was in the hospital.  It was sad for everyone, Sophie even felt really sad for my family.  She knew I would have a wonderful life to come, but it looked rather bleek for my old family. So I hope to find that same comfort with a new home.

I’m a very sweet boy with a lot of love to give. I got shaved for the hot summer months, as you can see on my photo, but when I arrived I had a beautiful curly coat.  I’m supposed to be a Yorkshire, but I weigh about 15 lbs and have poodly hair!  What Sophie calls a “doodle thing” .  You will see once my hair grows back, but I warn you, to keep it nice you have to brush and groom!

Adopt me and you will never regret making me a member of your family!  I will love you forever.

Theo 2

I’m Theo 2, a small and friendly little Yorkshire. I was purchased at Berger Blanc at the age of six month and immediately became very ill from kennel cough developing into  serious bronchitis.

Because of that my new family felt sorry for me and treated me like a defenseless little baby. That led to my growing up a little bit bossy and somewhat insecure.

I’m now all grown up, 2 years old, and the youngest human of the family is learning to crawl and I do not care for that. He scares me and I have snapped at him, so my family doesn’t feel capable of addressing my problems with 3 kids in the house.

So I’m looking for someone or a family who will be able to structure me and work with me to make me a great little dog. That doesn’t mean someone who feels sorry for me but rather someone who can be disciplined and teach me how to be friendly with everyone.

Frankie 2

I am Frankie the Yorkie. I’m a chubby, short legged, ten year old male with a tail no bigger than that of a bunny’s. One thing you can say about me is I have personality and attitude. I’m a grumpy but funny little fellow that will tug at your heart.

Because of my general disposition, I do not see my self living with kids, nor with somebody too soft. I will crack you up if you’re an experienced dog person but will scare you away if you’re not. All that to say I need an Alpha person, or we probably won’t be a good match.

Despite my age and my rolly-polly shape, I am very active and love to go for walks (which would do me a lot of good).


I’m hoping this next home will truly be my forever home. As I was originally rescued from death row at the age of two, and here we are eight years later, because of a new baby, I’m once again looking for a family to love me till the end.

Please be the one who will be there for the rest of my life. I will love to cuddle up with you, get my belly rubbed and shower you with kisses (which are more like love bites). One thing that adds to my charm is that crazy little underbite I have.


My name is Otto and I’m just under a year old. I’m a weird looking little thing, and I had a weird kind of beginning as my first mom passed away and I ended up with a family member who thought I was too much to handle.

So here I am a Yorkshire Teckel mix, Mom was the hairy one, Dad was the short legged one, so that combination made cute little me.

I’m a good little dog, but definitely energetic as I’m a teenager with lots of Terrier.  I’m good with other dogs, cats, would be good with kids who don’t pull my hair and love people. Friendly, sweet, cute, affectionate, all those are my qualities. My faults? I’m a Terrier!


Update: I found my forever home and Sophie will finalize my adoption in two weeks once I’m ready for the “chop-chop”.

My name is Ace, I’m nine weeks old and looking for a permanent home. I’m a Maltese / Yorkie mix who was purchased in a pet store less then a week ago by a young couple who just couldn’t resist my cute and pretty face. It didn’t take long for them to realize that it was an impulsive decision and they were not ready for such a commitment.

Knowing how easy it is to end up in the wrong hands, they called Sophie’s Dog Adoption and here I am.

There’s not a whole lot to say about such a young guy as myself other than I seem to be a very mellow and submissive little dude. Obviously my whole future and education / socialization will be in your hands.


This is Youshi the young Yorkie mix who was recently adopted. I have a new name, Henry, and a wonderful new family who adores me.

They just sent Sophie and update to tell her that I am absolutely perfect for them. I had a few accidents in the beginning, but I have taken on to the routine and adjusted to my new life very quickly. They give me daily exercise, structure, discipline and of course lots of love. I have proven to be very mellow and a charm to be around. They don’t understand how two families could of given me up.

Toby 6

My name is Toby 6 and I am a victim of Petshops. I was purchased at Petland and already at the age of 8 months, I am looking for a new home.

I am a Bichon Frise/Yorkshire mix, and even though I look pretty scruffy, I am adorable. I am friendly, cuddly and affectionate.

I am very smart, I am housetrained and do very well when left alone. I am looking for a family with kids as I adore them, but someone active would do just as well.