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Sophie Fournier
Sophie Fournier

Sophie’s Dog Adoptions is run solely by me, Sophie, my son Rick who takes care of the technical aspect, and Annie who takes care of visibility. I have been rescuing since 1996, one dog at a time and have placed over 3,500 so far. All my dogs are sterilized and vaccinated before adoption, and all applicants are fully screened before adoption. I believe in making the right matches for each dog and each family in order to give these dogs a real second chance.

In memory of…..

Gigi, the one I couldn’t help…. and now Wicca. You will be in my heart forever, as you have touched me in a special way. Gigi, you were so loving, cuddly and affectionate, you loved giving kisses and had so much life and energy in you. You went through so much in so little time on this earth, you are the reason I do what I do. How I wished I had been able to help you like I helped so many others, but I became powerless just like for Wicca. I love you both and we will see each other again some day, I promise you. You will always be there to remind me of why I have to continue doing what I do. I am truly sorry, you will be missed. Rest in peace beautiful girls!!!

Adopting a friend

The adoption process through Sophie’s Dog Adoptions consists of filling out an application form to adopt, a full screening is done to ensure that the dogs I place will in fact be going to good, forever homes. These dogs have been through a lot already, and don’t deserve to come back again and again. The right family / person is out there for each dog. The process can sometimes be longer than with other rescue groups or organizations, but an animal is for life and it should not be something to rush into. Once I am satisfied that the family/person meets the criteria to adopt one of my dogs, then the adoption is finalized with a contract. ADOPTING A PET IS NOT SOMETHING TO TAKE LIGHTLY, IT IS, IN MY OPINION, THE SAME AS ADOPTING A CHILD.

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Sophie’s Dog Adoption

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Phone: (514) 804-5052

E-mail: info@sophiesdogadoption.com

Website: www.sophiesdogadoption.com

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  1. I adopted a dog there 7 years ago and I was very satisfied; His name is Georgie; he is 14 years old and still in good shape; I recommend this place to adopt ; Sophie is very professionnel

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