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On St-Patrick’s Day 2012, I landed at Dorval Airport from Beirut, Lebanon. My given name is Baguerra, I was found running like mad, dodging traffic on a busy Lebanon highway.

The lady who caught me before I ended up flat on the road brought me back to the only shelter in Beirut, and I have been there ever since. I was just a teeny puppy of less than 3 months at the time, and here we are 5 years later, as a landed immigrant, looking for that home I’ve spent years dreaming of.

Black dogs in Lebanon are just not adopted and I am the proof. So now that I am here and see lots of black dogs walking with humans, I’m thrilled.

I already learned going up steps and hope to go down very soon. It’s a lot of learning waiting for me, but you’ll see, I will be the best student ever!!

I will never pick-up bad habits if you teach me the way, and I will love you forever and ever. I will never abandon you. I love giving kisses and being petted, and I would love sharing my new home with kids, cats, dogs or whatever else lives there.


My name is Soni and I’m now lonely. I’m one of the Magnificent 7, a litter of Golden/Lab puppies born November 2009, and like my foster sister Penelope, I too am looking for a new forever home. I’m only 2 and half, and a beautiful blond. Since I lived in the same house as Penelope, I’m also good with kids, dogs and cats.

I’m a little more anxious than¬†Penelope since we lost our home but are being boarded together at the moment while waiting for foster homes. As well, if I could find a home with¬†Penelope it would make me happy, but I can also learn to live without her.

I do have 5 sisters and a brother that have been adopted, if one of you want’s to welcome me, the little sister, that would also be a great home.


I’m Penelope, and at the age of 5 I am looking once again for a forever home. I was originally rescued back in July 2007 as the youngest one (4 months old) of a batch of starving dogs who where dying in a horrible dog pound. We came to be known as the Lucky 7.

My foster home fell in love with me and decided to keep me as I was such a sweetheart. She continued to foster for Sophie’s Dog Adoption and eventually (2 years later) adopted Soni, one of the Magnificent 7, but now life has changed and she returned both of us.

I’m a big girl, very friendly, housetrained and grew up in a very busy household with young children, dogs and cats so obviously I can adapt to any situation. I’m about 85lbs, a little overweight and can certainly use an active lifestyle.

If Soni and I were to find the same loving home, it would be a bonus, but we can certainly live apart.


The statistics don’t lie! First it was Levi 3, then it was Bert and now it’s me, Maverick, who has been returned almost after four years.

Back in 2006 I was a sweet teenage pup, adopted by what I had hoped would be my forever home. Sophie always makes sure there is plan in case of divorce or babies and she was told Mom would never give me up regardless of what life brought her. Grandpa had also told Sophie if there ever was an unforeseeable situation, he would take me in. Unfortunately I came back at the age of four, again looking for a home, and that was almost two years ago. So yoi guessed right, I’m now closer to 6.

You see, there was a separation and I went to stay with Mom. However after two years of being single, now having a “career” that is taking off, now living in a condo, she has decided that I no longer fit her lifestyle. She told Sophie that she feels trapped, I have made her a prisoner, that she loves me very much but it would be selfish for her to keep me as I need more then what she can give me (yea right!).

So the bottom line is I was young, I was cute, I was fun and now I guess I’m just a big black dog. The cuteness is gone, the puppyness is gone and I’m just now a big 90 lbs dog who needs more then she was willing to give me.

I’m great with dogs, kids, people but I don’t do so well around cats, squirrels, bunnies and etc…


I’ve been named Dilbert cause I’m a funny little guy. I’m about three months old, look like a little Husky mix and obviously quite neglected as I’m very skinny and bony. My ears will probably go up as one of them goes up and flips over which gives me that goofy look.

I’m looking for a foster home and eventually a permanent one. Obviously I’m a bouncy little puppy, friendly and seem pretty smart as I have not messed in my cage since I arrived yesterday.


I’ve now been to the vet and the little warts are nothing worrisome. They are common and will go away on their own. They can be contagious to other dogs but only if I’m in close contact such as wrestling or playing around as they could rupture and that would be how they spread.

I’m a bouncy, energetic, playful and of course somewhat annoying little girl. I’m doing fairly good with the crate training, and with someone to teach me stuff, I would be a quick learner. I’m desperately looking for a foster home, if you have other dogs Sophie can provide little pj’s and t-shirts to prevent the spreading of my warts. So please open your home to me as Sophie has no time to start educating me and the older boys here kind of pick on me. I’m too young for this old crowd.


I’m Augustina a three month old black Labrador, I arrived at Sophie’s Dog Adoption early this morning. I’m not sure how I ended up alone on a country road out in the middle of no where as I was probably sleeping when I was dumped by whoever brought me out there.

I’m not sure why someone did this to me, but I assume it may have to do with small warts that are appearing all over my little body.

So when the “dog catcher” in Huntingdon caught me, he knew he couldn’t bring me to the local pound as it would be an automatic death sentence. You see, in Quebec dog pounds, if you have any booboos, illnesses or injuries you become a death row inmate but your misery doesn’t end until your death sentence arrives. You never get to see a vet to make you feel better, you just sit in a cage until the vet is scheduled to put you out of your misery or worst yet stick you in a gas chamber.

As I arrived on a Sunday, I will be going to the vet tomorrow to see what it is, but Sophie is pretty sure it will not be anything serious. Obviously I now need a foster home, one with no pets in case these little warts are contagious (which in most cases often are). Of course all medication and treatments needed will be supplied to the foster home.

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I have been named Rupert. I am about 5 months old, and was found in September tied to a telephone pole, with my water bowl and a squeaky toy. By 9:00 pm, someone who had seen me there all day, realized I was abandoned, no one was coming back for me.

So I was brought to Sophie’s Dog Adoption, and have been looking for a home ever since. I am a sweet dog, but very dominant. I will need someone with experience and lots of patience.

I am a yellow dog, I could be something like Collie / Lab mix, but it’s really just a guess.


My name is Buddah, and my mix is still a guess. I may be mixed with Bernese Mountain Dog or maybe Newfoundland Mountain Dog, but what is for sure, is that I will be BIG.

I am not quite 3 months (probably born around April 30th or so) and already close to 30 lbs if not more.

Of course, I am still very young so no training. I was kept tied on a small balcony day and night until my family got fed up (they didn’t have much patience – I hadn’t been there very long) and decided I’d be better off alone in the back lane fending for myself. Someone heard about it, took me in and called Sophie. So now, I am looking for a new home.

I am sad to see that someone took me home, gave me hope of a family, to tie me up and then decide I was too much for them and abandon me. I may be big, but I am just a baby. It is a sad world I was born into, and I hope to find someone who will love me for all the years to come!


Kahlua is a good natured, inquisitive and energetic young Lab/Shepherd mix who was rescued from death row at a local kill shelter.

He’s only 9 months old, but Kahlua has spent the majority of his life behind shelter bars, through no fault of his own. As a puppy he was dumped at the shelter and then his adoptive family returned him when they learned their landlord didn’t allow dogs.

Spending so much time in the stressful shelter environment, with little human contact, exercise, or exposure to fresh air and sunlight caused Kahlua to compulsively lick his rear leg. When a small irritation developed they decided it was reason enough to put Kahlua down for life.

A kill shelter in no place for a young, pleasant, loveable dog like Kahlua to live or die, so now he’s with Sophie’s Dog Adoption, decompressing and waiting for his forever home!