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Maggie X

image Maggie X, because Sophie can’t remember how many Maggies’ she’s had. But I am by far the oldest. I’m a sweet twelve year old Shih-Tzu mix, and after a first home ended up at the SPCA. Seven years ago I was adopted by a gentleman, with whom I was loved and well taken care of. Unfortunately, life happens, and my Dad was placed in a home. Because of my age family members were going to send me to the SPCA where I certainly would have been put on death row.  After some thought they decided to hand me over to Sophie’s Dog Adoption. I’m sweet, healthy, playful, and just love everyone. I still have a lot of good years in front of me and would fit in with pretty much anyone, as I’m easy going.

Ziggy Stardust


I am Ziggy Stardust, a 6 year old Shih-Tzu mix who is now looking for a new home. My family has given me up due to a move and lack of time to care for me now that the kids are grown up….

I am very sweet, great with everyone, kids, cats, other dogs, but I do have a little anxiety that needs to be worked on.  If  you structure me, I can turn into the perfect little pal. I have lived with kids, so a family would be nice, but a nice older couple or person would be fine too.

I can be active if you would like me to, or I can be mellow and sit by you.  You pick and we’ll do! I’m a people pleaser, that’s what makes me happy!


You’ll never guess where I came from?  Kuujjuarapik (way way up North)!  Yup, that’s right.  I was an outdoor dog who roamed the cold streets of Kuujjuarapik until someone finally decided to take me off the streets and bring me to Montreal in order to live as a regular house dog.

After all, I’m no Husky like the other dogs Sophie took from my town.  I am a shih-Tzu mix, barely 15 lbs…. and about 2 years old at the most.

Of course I was very matted, so now there’s not a whole lot of hair left on me, but I am still adorable.

I am very sociable, as even though I lived on the streets, I was fed by the whole town.  I love going up to people, I’m affectionate, but I am a bit of a runner.  I have escaped twice from a fenced-in yard, as I want to explore my new surroundings.  I love to go on walks, I could spend my days outside!

I am good with other dogs, not grumpy at all so kids should be fine if they are nice with me, and as far as cats, well… I just think they’re the cutest things!  I love them too.


I’m a Shih-Tzu of about 4 years old that was taking a walk on a beautiful Spring night on the water shore, at the end of the Island road near the Lachine canal. Like a castaway, I was looking to be saved and to finally be reunited with my family. Sadly no one appears to be looking for me.

My new name is Gilligan, and I hope to find a new family soon. I’m nice, I get along well with other dogs and I’m really quiet. However I needed to get a good grooming as I looked like I’ve spent the last 10 years living on an inhabited Island.

I am in a foster home with a family (teenage kids) and I have really taken to the husband, son and his friends.  I seem to be a “dude” kind of guy, I actually tend to be a little afraid of women.  So ideally, a nice retired gentleman would be wonderful for me, or a young active fellow even though I don’t really suit the image!  A gay man would be really cool too, so basically if the main person in my life is a man, I’ll be happy. Oh yeah, and in my foster home, there’s also a shih-tzu, 2 very young puppies and 2 cats.

I’m a quiet guy, not a whole lot of barking if it’s not necessary.  So think about it guys, I can become your very best pal – I just become mush around men!


I have been renamed Clayton (you don’t even want to know what I was originally called!!), and I am a 4 year old Shih-Tzu.  My story is kind of unusual, Sophie’s Dog Adoption got a call from a lady who had put an ad online asking for someone to give her a dog.  Some lady e-mailed her and said I was available, and I was super sweet.  I was brought to the new home, and the next day I bit someone as I was very nervous.  She called for me to be taken back , and was pretty much told  they didn’t want me back and to call Sophie’s Dog Adoption to surrender me….

So here I am, new name and new outlook on life.  I am a little skittish and shy, and a typical Shih-Tzu who doesn’t like quick movements nor people in my face.  However, despite my growling and showing teeth, I have not tried to bite anyone since I arrived.

My foster mom says I have a lot of potential to become a secure little fellow, but right now I am confused and nervous around new people and new things.

So I am looking for a calm and relaxed environment, ideally no kids, to be loved and taken care of for the rest of my life.  If you adopt me, I will be forever grateful.



I’m one of four Shih-Tzu puppies who where born on November 8th, 2011, three boys and one girl. Our mom is Zsa-Zsa the Shih-Tzu who was found in a state of neglect. Unfortunately we came as a surprise as it was obvious mom had many litters but didn’t look pregnant when found.

I’m Janie, the only girl. We are all very lively, friendly and learning quickly to socialize well with our siblings and our foster “dad”. In fact, since mommy was a puppy-mill dog, by the time we were four weeks old she was starting to turn us down from nursing.

At that point, she decided to take a break and therefore our foster “dad”, Tarzan has been doing all the socialization and teaching that mom should be doing. We are now ready to start going into permanent homes and are looking be adopted by committed people who will love us our entire life.

We had the chance of being born in the care of Sophie’s Dog Adoption which gives us a better chance at a real life then if we had been sold to pet shots. Don’t abandon us and we will be the most faithful friend you will ever have.